MagNaK Speed Sauce by the Iron Cowboy

The Science behind MagNaK

The current sports drinks market is saturated with formulations that are suboptimal in meeting the current needs of athletic individuals. Despite a myriad of the sports' drinks and hydration powders currently seen lining the shelves, none of them are designed to hydrate an individual optimally during athletic endeavors. This frequently results in dehydration, bloating and muscle cramps, all of which have a negative impact on the human body. For athletes, this could have significant detrimental consequences in their careers.

One of the fundamental problems with the currently available electrolyte rehydration beverages (ready-to-drink or powders) is that they utilize very high amount of sugar as their main solute. This is essentially counterproductive when it comes to the ability of such a solution to effectively hydrate the body. Osmolality (loosely termed “thickness”) of a solution, in general, depends on certain solutes within it- in blood, the osmolality is driven by glucose (or sugar), sodium and urea levels. In a dehydrated state, the human body, almost always loses more water than salt resulting in a rise in blood osmolality levels. This stimulates the thirst center in the brain, prompting individuals to drink water, which eventually results in dilution of the solutes and reduction in the osmolality back to a normal range.

A solution that is rich in sugar is “hyper-osmolar” or “thicker” than blood. Hence by virtue of osmosis, when such a solution is consumed, it draws water out into the gastrointestinal tract, rather than quickly be absorbed into the blood. This leads to bloating and abdominal distress and is one of the most unpleasant sensations experienced by athletes.  Thus, in order to expedite hydration, the solution should be hypo-osmolar; i.e. be “thinner” than blood. Reduction in sugar content, hence, is an easy way of ensuring this. Excessive sugar intake also is not a preference in most individuals engaged in athletic activities.

Some electrolyte mixes (e.g. NUUN) have sugar-free options. Again, complete elimination of sugars from a hydration mix is also suboptimal, as we know, that maximal absorption of sodium ions via sodium channels in the GI tract requires the presence of sugars (or amino acids). This principle led to the initial design of the oral rehydration solution ( ORS by WHO) for hydration of kids with cholera in developing countries. Sugars are also the principle “fodder” that the body utilizes during exercise.

Lastly, another unfortunate problem with many current electrolyte formulas, is the lack of magnesium content in the formula. For example, leading ready-to-drink sports beverages (Gatorade and Powerade) have less than 0.5% of magnesium per serving. Powdered versions of electrolyte mixes (OSMO Nutrition, Skratch Labs) also have substantially less magnesium in their formula (between 2-10%). Magnesium is an electrolyte that participates in more than 300 cellular reactions within the human body including cellular regeneration and protein synthesis. Magnesium deficiency leads to muscle cramps, fatigue, sleeplessness, restless legs syndrome and high blood pressure. Magnesium deficiency is not uncommon after a recent analysis indicated less than half of the adult American population consumed less than 50% of the recommended intake (400 mg) of magnesium per day. When used during exercise, magnesium can effectively reduce muscle cramps, and help with post-exercise soreness.

Our solution, MagNaK® Speed Sauce, is a revolutionary, patented formulation of electrolyte mix that uses magnesium as the principal ion. It contains 25% of the daily recommended intake of magnesium in a 10 gram serving as a citrate salt, that is easy to absorb via the GI tract.  The sodium concentration of 300 mg per serving allows replacement of salt to prevent hyponatremia (low sodium level), a condition commonly seen in marathon runners. Sodium chloride channels are the only electrolyte containing channels found in sweat gland and research indicates that this salt is the only one actively lost in sweat during heavy exercise. The sugar concentration of 7.5 grams allows the osmolality of the solution to remain low leading to a quicker absorption via the gut. This allows water, sodium, magnesium and other nutrients to get inside the body quickly. The more dehydrated the individual, the higher the gradient (and faster the speed) of absorption. A perfectly balanced potassium to magnesium ratio allows reduced muscle cramping and prevents fatigue. The potassium concentration of 150 mg/serving prevents potassium from peaking in the blood to a dangerous level. This attribute in MagNaK® Speed Sauce is superior to coconut water which contains high levels of potassium. Hyperkalemia (or high potassium) can be dangerous in individuals with kidney or heart disease.

Importantly, MagNaK Speed Sauce is completely free of preservatives and flavored with natural colors and flavors. Speed Sauce is built upon a patented recipe for MagNaK® ready-to-drink sports drink owned by Gray Mountain Sports Drinks, LLC. Designed by an award winning Nephrologist with a decade worth of experience in treating electrolyte disorders, and partnered with James Lawrence  (the Iron Cowboy) who has achieved the impossible in the fitness world, MagNaK® Speed Sauce is the most scientifically optimized electrolyte mix there is in the current market. Visit for more information.

MagNaK® is a patented by the USPTO Patent # 10143223B1.