Electrolytes for Health

Electrolytes for Health

Electrolytes for HealthElectrolytes for HealthElectrolytes for Health

Mission Statement

Gray Mountain was established by a Physician-scientist with a goal to enhance human health by using specific electrolyte therapies in niche populations.


Electrolytes are charged ions within the human body that control a variety of cellular functions. These molecules are in a state of constant flux particularly in athletes and in patients who are dehydrated.  Loss of electrolytes is one of the fundamental reasons why people feel tired, fatigued or have muscle cramps. Thus, replacing these with the right formulas can restore the balance and improve human health. 


Our Formula: MagNaK

MagNaK is a novel electrolyte formula that utilizes magnesium as the principal electrolyte in addition to sodium and potassium. This electrolyte blend is low in sugar, easily absorbed and highly effective in PREVENTING MUSCLE CRAMPS. In endurance athletes, it ELIMINATES MUSCLE SORENESS after exercise, so they can perform better, everyday!

What's better with MagNaK

Patents & Intellectual Property

Gray Mountain Sports Drinks maintains Intellectual Property on all of its electrolyte formulas. Inquiries about Patents (Granted and current Applications) can be addressed to info@graymountain.us

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Watch the making of MagNaK Speed Sauce with James Lawrence, The Iron Cowboy

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